Diamond polishing

We have specialised in polishing moulds for the plastics industry since 1975, and this vast experience means that we can tackle any polishing task with ease and skill. Our trained toolmakers and plastic processing operators provide professional service and quality work on a variety of tools including injection-mould tools, die-cutting moulds, die casting moulds, blowing moulds, extruder moulds and PET-blowing moulds.

Years of experience has given us a unique understanding of the geometry of tools which we have applied to a specialist technique which sees us polish all the way down to a surface finish of 1 µ. Committed to providing the best service for your needs, we can carry out our polishing services in-house at our facility or on-site at your plant where required.

Flemming Drechsel Nielsen

Martin Kruse Christoffersen

Maybrit Drechsel Bengtsen

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